Treatment Professionals in Alumni Services is a professional membership organization that promotes the effective practice of addiction recovery and alumni services by providing a forum for collaboration, innovation, best practices, and professional development.

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 Benefits of Membership:

  • Innovative resources and solutions for alumni support activities
  • Access to Alumni Services Webinars and Education Programs
  • Relationships that positively impact Professional Referrals
  • Strategies to strengthen Alumni Referrals
  • Leadership development for your Alumni Services Team
  • Increased national exposure for your program
  • Increased connection to national continuing care resources
  • Access to TPAS Members-Only Web Portal with private log-in
  • Discounted Registration to TPAS Collaboratives
  • Exclusive access to TPAS Collaborative Attendee Lists
  • Connection with the Professionals in Alumni Services Network
  • Access to all TPAS Collaborative Summary Notes, past and present, regardless of attendance
  • Focus on your program through the TPAS Social Media Network
  • Listing of your treatment center on the TPAS Website
  • TPAS logo provided for your website

TPAS Traditions: 

Willingness to Collaborate

A desire to freely share your experience and expertise.

Commitment to Long-term Recovery 

Improving life-long outcomes for clients and growing the global recovery community.

Dedication to Our Professional Alliance

Strengthening the TPAS organization, an invaluable resource for treatment professionals.

Defining Best Practices

Empowering and educating others about alumni program standards of excellence.

Belonging to the TPAS Family

Deeply valuing relationships made through TPAS membership and Collaborative events.


A Message from Marvin Ventrell, Executive Director National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP)

I was honored to be a part of the genesis of TPAS. I knew when I was asked to serve on the founding board that what we were doing was historic. We were to build a professional society dedicated to ensuring the continuum of care for addiction recovery. We charged ourselves with sending the message that compartmentalizing treatment in separate silos where treatment would start and end is wrong. We were to actually implement Recovery Oriented Systems of Care (ROSC). Alumni Services would become the spark and conduit for treatment professionals to come together and say loudly and clearly: ‘Recovery is a spectacular lifelong journey that we, as recovery professionals, are responsible for guiding together; join us!’ Now, as NAATP Director, I see your success and I am proud of TPAS. The industry needs you; NAATP needs you; we support you; keep going and don’t stop!” 


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