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Rock Bottom

By a Pine Grove Alumni Contributor

It was only a few days after entering treatment at Pine Grove when I learned that being an addict wasn’t necessarily how much or how often I was using that made me an addict; it was my actions and behaviors while using that made me an addict. It took some time for the fog to lift…but when it did this notion made perfect sense to me. I could no longer be in denial. I had to be honest with myself about all of the things I had been doing and it was all of these things that became my bottom…my rock bottom.

It wasn’t the constant drug use – it was the lifestyle I was living during the constant drug use. For me, it was being spiritually broke that brought me to my knees. Not that I wasn’t physically and mentally broke, but the lack of spirit was devastating to me. I realized I was doing things that sane people would never dream of doing to the people they loved. I wanted a different life. I wanted to make a change for the positive. At what point did you realize that you wanted a different life too?

Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services in Hattiesburg, Mississippi is known as one of the nation’s most comprehensive treatment campuses. Since 1984 Pine Grove has offered a continuum of addiction services ranging from outpatient to inpatient and residential treatment for adults, children, and senior adults suffering from psychiatric and addictive diseases.

Specialized services include the treatment of addictions, co-occurring eating disorders, sexual addiction, and professionals struggling with interpersonal difficulties.

The Pine Grove Mission is to be a leader in healing and changing lives by providing the highest quality behavioral health services. Visit or call 1-888-574-HOPE (4673) for more information.

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